Support equality together with Finnish Design Shop and Franckly

United for peace and human rights

UN Women Finland is doing vital work to deliver aid to women and their families in need around the world. Join us now in promoting equality through the UN Women's emergency relief fund. In times of conflict and war, women and children are the most at risk and vulnerable. The current situations in Gaza, Ukraine, and Afghanistan could reverse the progress made on women's rights and gender equality.

Together, Finnish Design Shop, Franckly and UN Women Finland strive to take concrete action to protect human rights and promote gender equality, even in conflict. Finnish Design Shop and Franckly will aid UN Women's work with a 5 € donation for each order placed between 7–12 March, up to a total of 5000 €. You can support families in need by joining Finnish Design Shop and Franckly: choose a suitable amount and make your donation straight to UN Women Finland.

No donation is too small to make a difference!

Support women and their families in need

Join Finnish Design Shop and Franckly in protecting and empowering women to stem the rise in violence and promote women’s equal participation and contribution to peace-related negotiations, crisis preparedness and response in Palestine, Ukraine, and Afghanistan.

Please support women and girls today by donating now.

For international payment options, you can visit
UN Women's global donate page.

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Images: Suvi Suitiala