Help Ukrainian Women with Finnish Design Shop and Franckly

United for peace and human rights

In Ukraine, women and children are disproportionately affected by the escalating war due to limited access to healthcare, housing, employment, and a concerning increase in gender-based violence. The current situation could reverse the important progress made on gender equality and women's rights in Ukraine in recent years.

UN Women is working to ensure that international commitments on the protection of human rights of women and children are front and center during times of peace, and now, in this frightening time of war. Your donation can help address the needs of women in Ukraine and for those who are fleeing the violence into neighboring countries, including those experiencing violence at a time of urgent crisis.

Together, Finnish Design Shop, Franckly and UN Women Finland strive to take concrete action to protect human rights and promote gender equality, even in conflict. This includes a donation by Finnish Design Shop and Franckly, made to support UN Women's work in Ukraine. They will double every donated euro up to 20 000 euros – just select a suitable sum on this page and make your donation by 21 March.

No donation is too small to make a difference. Your gift helps to ensure full and meaningful engagement of women’s organizations, networks, and human rights defenders in all decision-making, peacebuilding and conflict resolution efforts in Ukraine, the region and around the world.

Support Ukrainian women and their families

Join Finnish Design Shop and Franckly in protecting and empowering women of Ukraine to stem the rise in violence and promote women’s equal participation and contribution to peace related negotiations, crisis preparedness and response.

Support Ukraine’s women and girls today. Please give now.

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Images: Anastacia Sholik